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我 們 的 幼 稚 園 及 幼 兒 園


Message from our Supervisor

Ms. Vivian Wu

With EQ and Moral Teaching at the core of my work, at ARISTLE I wish to promote a healthy and well rounded education. I believe it is important to develop a good understanding of a broad range of topics. Whether it be an appreciation for the beauty and rhythm found in music, art and life, or a solid grasp of logical or computational faculties employed in mathematics and science, I aim to instill confidence in our children. To provide them with an understanding that it is fine to experience failure occasionally, and that failure is a vital part of the learning process that leads to future success. After all, if we never experience what could not work, how are we to learn what would? They will discover that learning is a lifelong and personal process. They will build upon their strengths but also learn to acknowledge their weaknesses. Through this acceptance, they would understand how to push themselves out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to achieve more than what they ever thought was possible.

Our children will experience an environment that will allow them to grow and develop. They will be provided with guidelines,  structure  and rules. However,  we  do not wish  to limit  them with boundaries  at every  step. With encouragement and participation in communal learning and group activities, our children will learn to challenge themselves and desire to become better. They will realise that what once was a boundary, is actually an obstacle, and what was an obstacle, is simply the path.

By being presented with a healthy mix of freedom and various responsibilities, our children will learn to maintain a balanced mindset and possess the confidence and conviction to face adversity in the real word.  Our children will develop an optimistic view of the world and in turn will obtain the capacity for rational analysis and an ability to apply appropriate behaviours based on whichever context or setting they might encounter. They will learn to appreciate their own creativity and that of others, as well as to obtain a sense of wonder and the importance of asking 'why' when it is appropriate to do so.

Ultimately they should become happy, strong, considerate and healthy individuals  who have the means in which to accomplish their dreams both individually and collectively for the mutual benefit of all.

In short, our aim is a challenging  one. However, we believe in providing our children with the best possible environment so that they may flourish in every aspect. Not only will they learn about themselves but they will want to learn about others and the world around them. They will acquire a wholesome view of the world and ability to engage with it, navigate with it and improve upon it.

Learn, love, live with Aristle now!

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